We Said Yes!

In an era of uncertainty, quarantine, lost income, fear, and a new way of life, there are seemingly endless restrictions and losses. At first glance, our existence has not improved. But. For those of us that have faced the illness of a child or survived a personal catastrophe, for those of us like me, this […]

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Happy Hearts For A Bit

My favorite moments in life are the in between moments. They’re the pauses amidst the chaos and the times when nothing matters more than the person you’re with. For me, these come often and happen in unlikely places …emergency rooms, divorce court, a water meter….The latter being one of the best. How does one find joy in a water meter? I remember my grandpa opening the lid to reveal a toad tucked inside. Temporarily, I would forget that I wasn’t with mommy. She was working. A lot. Like single mommies do. Fast forward a couple of decades, and I would put aside the laundry, the cooking, and  the “pressing matters” of parenthood. I would find joy in using my hands to catch a toad when just moments ago they held down a tiny toddler getting blood work done for the hundredth time.

The thing is, my son loves toad hunting so much that we do it as often as possible. Library? Grandma’s yard? Your yard? Rain? Shine? We’ll look every chance we get for what he calls a “bit” (ribbit). He hugs them, puts them in his pocket and gleefully sets off to hunt for more. We name them…Fred Froggers….Ted the Toad….Annie Phibean. I laugh at his chubby hands holding onto these creatures as if they’re a treasure. He laughs at my laughter, and we keep going this way. We laugh at nothing and at everything. In these instances, if only for a bit, we’re mommy and son. No heart patient. No divorcee. Just us. Just two happy hearts for a bit.

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