The Simple Things

Who knew that I could ever be over the moon with excitement over something as mundane as pushing my son in the car cart at the grocery store on a crowded day? He didn’t understand why I mostly shopped alone or why we had to use the regular carts with his cart cover on the […]

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ER Star

It felt good to go to the ER with a song and dance man. It felt good to let a star take the show as fear and anxiety took a back seat. I always make it a point to stay strong for my son and make our hospital visits a blast, but this time (our […]

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Cank You, God

If it were just me, I might have trouble giving thanks at the moment. As a human, I’ve reached my max. I cannot take another day of seeing my son go pale with pain, or bare an oxygen level similar to before surgery while I wait for it to rise. But as Charlie’s mommy, it’s my […]

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No Tears Allowed

I don’t like to cry. I refrain from doing it as much as possible. IF a tear escapes, it usually meets a hot and angered cheek before being hastily wiped away. I know crying isn’t a sign of weakness and many find it therapeutic. However, it often makes me feel worse and weaker. I’ve been […]

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Sunshine & Strawberries

An hour of fun in the sun and strawberry picking with my little guy left my cheeks sore from so much smiling. I relish in the moments that I don’t think about my son as a child with CHD, but rather, just Charlie. A boy with blond hair, blue eyes and brilliant mind. A lot […]

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One More Time

In the hustle and bustle of life, I sometimes forget to slow down and appreciate the teeny tiny moments that take up the biggest space in my heart. Charlie’s latest favorite phrase is, “One more time,” and it’s music to my ears because every time I hear those words, it reminds me of just how […]

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Love Deeper

As I sit replaying my son’s heart surgeon’s words in my head, I can’t help but think there’s a possibility God might want him sooner than I’m ready to let him go. It’s not that I think my son won’t outlive me; it’s that I know there’s a chance he won’t. A bigger chance than […]

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