Courage in Catastrophe

I was recently called a catastrophist, and it made my blood boil. Anxious? Scared? Yes. Weary? Most days. But even at my worst, I’m always full of hope and believe in the best possible outcome. I work hard to live a happy existence. How dare anyone that knows me say anything about me having a […]

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When faced with an open path and a thick uncleared mess, the open path seems like the obvious choice. But what if the open path is full of poisonous plants, darkness, and scary creatures? Wouldn’t it make sense to clear a new path devoid of danger? It would seem so, but we tend to go […]

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Words carry such power. Such force. So much meaning. Being called “smart” by your college professor does not elicit the same feelings as your mom saying the same. “Be brave” carries a vastly different message when it’s said to a child before open heart surgery than when it’s told to an adult before an interview. The […]

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Let’s Go for a Bike Ride

It’s been a while since I went for a bike ride, but I know I’d have no problem pedaling and steering while enjoying the breeze. It’s like that with riding a bike, right? Just hop on and go. Once you know how, you never forget. Except what happens if you recently fell and you’re riding […]

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Love Deeper

As I sit replaying my son’s heart surgeon’s words in my head, I can’t help but think there’s a possibility God might want him sooner than I’m ready to let him go. It’s not that I think my son won’t outlive me; it’s that I know there’s a chance he won’t. A bigger chance than […]

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Stop the Wind

Charlie loathes the wind. Anytime his blonde hair begins to blow, he’ll say, “I don’t want it,” and I know he’s referring to the wind. The last time it was windy, he asked that I make it stop. Well. As optimistic as I am as a human being, some things are out of my reach. […]

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