Where I’m From

I come from people that crossed the sea for roads paved in gold. Their children were the kings and queens of their world.

I’m from waking up to the smell of early morning coffee and 5 o’clock news.

Where I come from, there are homemade biscuits and kolaches. Someone’s inevitably going to be called “bubba” or a “malΓ‘ ΕΎΓ‘ba.”

I’m from a nest that gave me wings to fly away. So, I soared. (Was it too soon?)

I’m from a place where piles of open books are a welcome home after hours of working towards earning the right to say, “I can accomplish my dreams.”

Where I’m from, children bring their teachers Vietnamese coffee and homemade pupusas. Laughter and learning unite us.

I’m from a place of miraculous heart mending- where people travel across the world to save their sons and daughters. It’s a place that saved mine.

I’m from receiving gifts for my son during Eid and Chanukah. Because here, tolerance is more than an idea, and friendship surpasses all differences.

Where I’m from, the scent of magnolias and taste of pecans provide the roots for a happy existence.

I’m from horse rides going up a hill, if only in my imagination and wheel barrow races in reality.

I’m from sharing almost everything with silly siblings: a coke, a moment, or a memory.

Where I’m from, there are trails to explore after the river and water hose cool scorching summer adventures.

I’m from night night prayers before bed and rising and shining in the morning to give God the glory.

Where I’m from, friendships cross the borders of a hundred different languages and religions. It’s a land where the people are sweeter than the sugar once produced on Main Street.

I’m from late night talks on the porch, unless it’s cool enough for a game of flashlight tag…

I’m not from a place where trees are set like rows of corn and the people are as colorless as the clouds above. But I stayed there once.

The place I call home goes beyond a geographical basis and knows no boundaries. There are only small hands reaching to clasp big fingers and a bright future.

Where I’m from, snow comes in cones; and among other choices, they can be flavored red, white and blue.

I come from understanding that freedom isn’t free- there’s a price to pay for peace, and the sacrifice it requires is beyond understanding.

I’m from the earth and knowing that’s where I’ll someday return.

I’m from this land. It’s yours. It’s mine. It’s ours. And it’s beautiful.



4 thoughts on “Where I’m From

  1. Oh my Sabrina, I read all you’re blogs they are beautiful and powerful…You are a blessing and that’s why God gave you Charlie because he knew Charlie could only have the best and he knew Charlie would inspire everything from within you. You know the one who formed you and created you is amazing and that’s why you are too!
    I truly love you you wonderful strong and beautiful soul.


    1. Nora, thank you! We love you too! I’ll never forget the kindness you shared when I was facing life without a home in the moments I let go of everything and was in need of comfort. You’re a guiding light for anyone that meets you. Thank you for guiding us to a better place!

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