We Said Yes!

In an era of uncertainty, quarantine, lost income, fear, and a new way of life, there are seemingly endless restrictions and losses. At first glance, our existence has not improved. But. For those of us that have faced the illness of a child or survived a personal catastrophe, for those of us like me, this […]

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Happy Father’s Day!

Playing games, cooking out, and teaching sports are the typical fun things we envision as a father’s duties. But, really, there’s so much more to it than that. There are scraped knees, middle of the night illnesses, and impromptu tackle  times. There’s the need for a head of the household- a good hearted leader. The […]

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Sure as the Moon

I do not know many things in this world, but I know without a doubt, that my love for my son is as sure as the moon. I loved him before I met him and love him stronger with the coming and going of all life’s tides. Through threatened miscarriage, a CHD diagnosed in utero, […]

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A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

Growing up, were you Ariel? Perhaps Cinderella or Jasmine? My personal favorite was Belle. Who wouldn’t want an endless supply of books and croissants at her fingertips? As I got older, I developed an appreciation for Toy Story. Imagine loving toys as a symbol of childhood, wonder and innocence. Sounds perfect. But it wasn’t until […]

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I’ve arrived at my long awaited destination, a place called happiness. For so long, I’ve been actively choosing happiness one thought, one word, and one action at a time. All in the midst of immense sadness. I’d force a smile backed by a thousand prayers; each laugh was a struggle to maintain as I grappled […]

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I want to share some times in my life in which seeing color mattered. The palette for our existence is full of limitless hues, but from the moment my son was diagnosed with a complex congenital heart defect, the shades of love surrounding me became more vibrant and extensive than any other time in my […]

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